March 16, 2021

Alan Berg Part 2: Actionable Steps to a Profitable Wedding Business with Alan Berg

Alan Berg Part 2: Actionable Steps to a Profitable Wedding Business with Alan Berg
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Alan Berg is the leading international expert on the business of weddings and events. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or brand new to the industry, you're going to learn actionable content that you as a wedding pro need to utilize NOW!

  • Are you the "making it happen" or "the center of attention"?
  • How to sell results before selling the service
  • Why are you getting ghosted?
  • How to never get ghosted again
  • When is a ghost not really a ghost?

Alan is fluent in the language of business. He's been in marketing sales and sales management for over 20 years, working with businesses like yours and like mine within the wedding and events industry. Before striking out on a zone as the business consultant, author, and professional speaker, he served as theVice President of Sales and The Knot Market Intelligence, at The Knot worldwide.

And addition to his speaking and consulting services, he serves as an educator for WeddingWire, which is the leading wedding technology company, doing webinars, live presentations, and writing articles. Alan is the wedding at events industries only certified speaking professional, the highest earned designation for a professional member of the national speakers association.

One of only 36 global speaking fellows in the world
, he's able to help new businesses and solopreneurs, as well as the established players and corporations, understand and achieve their goals. Alan understands business as he's own several of his own, including publishing to wedding magazines. He's spoken and consulted domestically and internationally in 14 countries, and 5 continents and counting.

We're chatting about his latest book,Wit, Wisdom and the Business of Weddings: A Compendium of Ideas, Insight and Inspiration from an Industry Leader.Part "How-to-do" and part "How-to-think", Wit, Wisdom and the Business of Weddings is your companion on a journey to a more successful wedding business.

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Wit, Wisdom, and The Business of Weddings
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Alan Berg

With more than 25 years in sales, marketing and sales management, Alan Berg is uniquely qualified to help wedding and event businesses succeed. He was recently included in the “Top 75 Speakers To Watch” by Motivator Music on LinkedIn, alongside Tony Robbins, Gary V and Dave Ramsey. He’s the wedding and event industry’s first Certified Speaking Professional™ and one of only 38 Global Speaking Fellows worldwide!

Alan has extensive sales, sales management and marketing experience ranging from publishing two wedding magazines, to Vice President of Sales at The Knot. He’s an Education Expert for WeddingPro and consults for major industry websites in Ireland, Dubai, India, Australia, the UK, as well as countless venues, hotels, bridal shops, planners, entertainers and more.

Alan has presented in 14 countries, 5 of them in Spanish and recently in French (both of which he taught himself). He’s the author of 6 books including his most popular book: “Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events” and his latest: “Why Are They Ghosting Me?”. He speaks to thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals every year through webinars, live presentations and on-site sales training.