Nov. 16, 2021

How Auto-Booking and Auto-Pay are Getting Musicians Back On Stage

How Auto-Booking and Auto-Pay are Getting Musicians Back On Stage
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HOW TO SET YOUR MUSICIANS ON AUTO-BOOK! Tired of the back and forth trying to confirm all your musicians for gigs? This is the musician and crew scheduling system that manages itself.

HOW TO AUTOPAY YOUR MUSICIANS! Do you really want to be wasting your time chasing your team for their gig invoices and burning cash on costly payroll or money transfer services? We hope not! Let's put it all on AUTO-PILOT.

These are just two of the MANY features we'll be chatting about with Back On Stage founder, Reuben Avery, and Marketing Director,Eric Tsang

Back On Stage is a highly innovative, web-based productivity app that allows bandleaders and event pros to book gigs in minutes instead of hours. The software automates your gig-booking workflow with client relationship management (CRM), scheduling, communication, and repertoire management tools. It saves us up to 80% of our administrative time and helps eliminate those late-night phone calls and oh-so-familiar feelings of "did I remember to book a drummer for gig X" and "Am I forgetting something?"

Back On Stage is an application that keeps bandleaders and event pros everywhere from losing any more hair! The goal of Back On Stage is to help musicians and event pros optimize their capacity, generate more revenue, and improve professionalism, using a single organizational application. It will provide equal opportunities for all by leveling the band management playing field.

You can sign up for a free trial today at

Back On Stage - Free 30 Day Trial
Hey, Bandleaders! FINALLY - You can organize your band and your gigs, all in one place!

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