Feb. 24, 2023

Should You Offer A Photo Booth Add-On?

Should You Offer A Photo Booth Add-On?
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Hey, event pros! We're talking about the next generation of Open-Air Photobooths  by a company called Photobooth Supply Company, otherwise known as PBSC.

  • Should you buy a photobooth to offer as an add-on? 
  • How does this photobooth company give owners and entry to the photobooth business that they may not have gotten otherwise? 
  • How much should you invest?

If you own a Salsa Booth, you most likely know my guest today,Simeon Weinraub! He's the owner of Jovial Events, specializing in Balloon decor, Photo booth rentals, party rentals, & gifts in the Los Angeles area.

Photo Booth Supply Company
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