March 30, 2021

SongShop is Paving a New Revenue Model for Songwriters and Artists

SongShop is Paving a New Revenue Model for Songwriters and Artists
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SongShop is a website built to help independent songwriters advertise their song catalog and pitch to artists from all over the world. We're talking to the founder, Steve Gerein! It's also a place where independent artists & bandscan go to find original songs to record as their own. SongShop gives artists an entire library of songs to search through and record because SongShop says that finding the time and having the proper network connections to get these songs pitched can be an uphill battle.

Today's episode covers:


  • How SongShop advertises your songs to artists who might be interested in recording them
  • How to pitch songs directly to artists via the Pitch Platform
  • Earning revenue by instantly getting a cut of the license fee (determined by your membership tier), plus any royalties outlined in the license agreement


  • How to Purchase your desired license (Standard or Exclusive)
  • Building a relationship with the Songwriter (because when does that happen!?)


  • What does a license look like?
  • What's the difference between a Standard and an Exclusive songwriting License?
  • What you need to know about mechanical royalties, streaming, and performing cover songs
  • Best practices when it comes to writer's share and BMI.

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