June 29, 2021

Redefine Your Lifestyle To Avoid The Edge of Burnout

Redefine Your Lifestyle To Avoid The Edge of Burnout
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Is space in music just as important as the notes? If you tuned into my episode with Grammy Nominated artist, Joseph Wooten, you'd know that rhythm forces you to not only give each other space, but to respect each other's space. Take a look at a website that you really like and notice how much space is in between the text and images. How chaotic would the website look if there was no space?

 In yoga, a quiet mind is one who is fully absorbed and not distracted by outside occurrences or thoughts. This quietness is called space. Adding space to our lives is vital to avoiding living on the edge of burnout. Jenny and Jai Holla are here with me today and they're going to teach us how to add space in your life off the stage.

We're taking a look at health and wellness in the events and wedding industry. Do wedding pros sometimes forget to take care of themselves? Jai says that fitness doesn't have to equate to working out your body. It's also about the relationships with your family and your friends. Learn to shift your mindset and focus on joy and happiness rather than the negative aspects and distractions through showing gratitude.

Jenny and Jai Holla are the founders of 2JHolla, co-hosts of The Hollastic Life Podcast and are on a mission to help wedding pros set boundaries and protect their mental space emotionally, physically and beyond. They're known as The Wedding Wellness Experts who bring a unique approach and perspective to fill the gap that no one talks about in our industry. With Jenny's history as a top achieving corporate sales professional and Jai's deep knowledge in wellness, they focus on wedding pros as a person to help with burnout, stress, mindset, and overall lifestyle. Their goal is to help you step into the next level and redefine realign and redesign your lifestyle on your terms.

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