March 23, 2021

How to Automate and Bulletproof Your Business with Ask Yvi

How to Automate and Bulletproof Your Business with Ask Yvi
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Where you see chaos in your business, Yvi sees systems and processes. We're talking about game-changing tools that will automate and bulletproof your business.

  • Learn more about Ask Yvi
  • Why you need a task management system
  • The difference between a task management system & a CRM 
  • How to use Clickup and Dubsado together
  • How to repurpose one video into 25 pieces of content
  • Tools covered include Clickup, Dubsado,, Airtable, and more!

Yvi is a business efficiency coach helping digital entrepreneurs automate their business so that they can dominate their industry. She has over 10 years of experience organizing and streamlining businesses into profitability and success. Since moving to the U S in 2007, Yvi has been helping empower entrepreneurs to successfully run sustainable businesses while enjoying life.

Yvi has been featured in publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Buzzfeed,and a contributor forsocial media examiner. She helps to accomplish a balance between business and personal life and help you streamline your business, build residual income and find a passive income strategy that fits you, and make your business work for you so you can enjoy all the good things in life

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