Feb. 23, 2021

How Spotmyphotos Tackles Today's Culture of Instant Gratification

How Spotmyphotos Tackles Today's Culture of Instant Gratification
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Today we're chatting with the CEO of Spotmyphotos by Cloudspotter, Ryan Jacobs,which allows photographers to privately and automatically send attendees custom-branded versions of their photos either in real-time or at a scheduled future point in time. Ryan is also a founding member of the 10,000 Headshots Initiative, operating under the name The Headshot Booker. They provided professional headshots and confidence to 10,000 job seekers displaced by the COVID19 crisis, partnering with Brookfield Properties and over 200 photographers nationwide.

CEO Ryan Jacobs is going to give entrepreneurs valuable advice when building a business plan, the challenges small startups face, and how to wake up every day and do what you love.

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