May 25, 2021

Everything and Nothing: The Culmination of Colin Peterik's Life Work

Everything and Nothing: The Culmination of Colin Peterik's Life Work
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Colin Peterikis the son of Jim Peterik, who founded Survivor and The Ides Of March.Colin is stepping into the spotlight with his debut album, Everything and Nothing,  which releases August 30th, 2021. Imagine if Steely Dan, Genesis, and Todd Rundgren had a baby…Colin Peterik’s debut album is filled with endless grooves masterful arrangements and is a song cycle of pocket symphonies and suites that span genres including psychedelic and progressive rock, pop, soul, and everything in between. It's mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer, Craig Bauer! Colin is the owner of The Jam Lab in Brookfield IL and we’re going to chat about how Colin helps the Chicago music community scale their music globally through live streaming and recording in order to help musicians turn their craft into a solid product to put out there into the world.

  • Colin's musical relationship with his dad, Jim Peterik, and what it's like to grow up with a dad who wrote hits like "Eye of The Tiger" and "Vehicle"
  • What is The Jam Lab? (Brookfield, IL)
  • How Colin uses The Jam Lab to help musicians scale their music to a global audience 
  • How Colin transformed 10 years of written music into a debut album
  • Colin talks about influences like Emmett Rhodes, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren
  • Why "Everything and Nothing" needs to be on YOUR play list!

You can stream "Everything and Nothing" ahead of its release by visiting:

Colin's Facebook Page
The Jam Lab: Music Production Studio, Rehearsal Facility, Venue

Jim Peterik
The Ides of March
Craig Bauer
The North 41
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